When we purchase the lights, we had better check the remark of the lamps, such as brand, type, nominal voltage and so on, we could tell it according to our own requirements. That is the basic requirement of safety performance, the nominal voltage is the most important.

As the standard requires, the smallest section of wire is 0.5 mm. Some sellers are to lower the cost, the wire’s section they produce is less than 0.5 mm, that may burn the wire, and cause leakage, it is very dangerous. When we purchase the lights, we could check the remark outside the wire.

Tiffany Lamps

Notice the electric shock, when lights are powered on, if we don’t touch the parts with electric, we could not get the electric shock. If you purchase the Tiffany Lamps with incandescent bulbs, when we install bulbs and not power on, we could not touch the parts with electric, that satisfies the electric shock performance.

If the lights are not satisfied with the standard, in general, because it is adopted with unexpected base and parts without shade.